Chef Jacari Cousins, the all star husband and father of 3, is also the proud owner of Jay’s Southern Cafe.  As a young boy Jacari was inspired by his “Na-Na” and Uncle John Wilson who taught him how to satisfy any hearty appetite.  His passion for cooking and pleasing peoples appetites only grew stronger as he entered high school.
Full of zeal and supporting family members and friends that longed for his signature BBQ and golden fried fish; Jacari entered culinary school to  his desire to become a world-class chef.  After his graduation, Jacari worked as a Sous Chef for some popular Bay Area restaurant.  Jacari’s desire to showcase his family’s heritage and soulful dishes led him to opening his own BBQ Cafe in Northern California in 2008.
In 2014, Jacari relocated to Southern California where he found a small town called Jacumba Hot Springs.  This was the perfect location for his great southern style barbecue.  The people of Jacumba and its visitors have the right size appetite for this amazing Chef’s hearty-home cooked meals.